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Dr. Randi Konikoff

Board Certified Psychotherapist, Trauma and Addictions Specialist

At the present time, all appointments are virtual.

Dr. Randi Konikoff

she / her / hers

  • National Board Certified Counselor

  • Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor in North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, & South Carolina 

  • Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist

  • Certified Military Clinical Counselor

  • Int'l Certified Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor

  • Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor

  • Certified TeleHealth Counselor

  • Certified Brain Health Professional

  • Neuro-Psychotherapist

  • Trainer with the Global Therapy Academy UK

  • Certified SASSI Assessment Administrator

  • Certified in Chronic Pain Management

  • Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy

  • Triple P Parenting Accreditation

  • CISM Application with Children

  • CISM Grief Following Trauma

Dr. Konikoff has a passion for helping clients become students of themselves, thereby learning how to use their mind, body, and spirit in healthy and self-edifying ways. She has been in the profession since 2007. Before becoming a psychotherapist she released five albums in her previous career as a jazz and blues musician. She has written four books: My Reality Check Bounced, The Little Egg, Coupling: Investing in Relationship, and LoveSTRONG. 

Her Ph.D. is in Addictions and she has a private practice with specialties in individual addiction treatment, trauma recovery, mental health recovery, and clinical hypnotherapy. She offers caring, compassionate, and confidential services. She is intentional about providing the most up to date, evidence-based and research-driven treatment options, as well as educating clients on utilizing these modalities in their own lives.

Her therapeutic expertise and counseling style are an effective combination for those seeking treatment for anxiety, panic, depression, trauma, addictions, adjustment disorders, emotional regulation, anger management, pain management, weight management, divorce management, divorce recovery, sexual and physical abuse, sex offender, relationship, spiritual and occupational issues.

Insurances accepted:

Aetna • Anthem • Blue Cross Blue Shield • Cigna • Optum • United Health Care • Carebridge • Health Advocate • Mutual of Omaha • MYGroup • Resources for Living • and most other Employee Assistance Programs

Please contact your insurance company to confirm copays and deductibles.

Self Pay sessions are $175. Cash, Check, Debit / Credit Card are acceptable forms of payment. Payment is expected at your session. We do not invoice. 


We do not accept Medicaid or Medcost Insurance.

Why there is a Konikoff Counseling

Why there is a Konikoff Counseling
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