Individual sessions for all types of addictions
substance, food, gambling, gaming, shopping, hoarding, pornography, internet, more... 
Customized 12 Week Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program
and Customized 60 Day Outpatient After-Care Treatment Program

Intense therapy sessions

Education on the disease of addiction

12-step workbook and assignments

Engagement in an outreach activity

Consistent group meeting attendance

Obtain and maintain sponsor

Consistent employment or job search efforts

Clinical Hypnotherapy and mindfulness training

Compliance with legal obligations, if applicable

Establish and maintain self-care regime

Relapse prevention and relapse recovery training

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

Trauma processing

Relationship reparation

Emotional resiliency and self-control training

Effective problem-solving skill training


Konikoff Counseling will provide the first copy of all workbooks and materials. Any requests for replacement copies will be at the expense of the participant. The above-mentioned sessions are included in the cost of the program. Requests for additional sessions, individual or family, are considered outside of the program and will be billed separately.


Cost for the 12 Week Intensive Outpatient Addiction Recovery Program is now $3,999.

Cost for the 60-Day After-Care Program is $2,250.   

These self-pay programs are completely confidential.

LAST UPDATED: 8.07.2020